Electroplated Eggs

Our eggs (wooden, glass, ceramic, hard-boiled) are electroplated in pure copper. Eggs can be personalized with decals, company logos, important dates or other embellishments.

For most applications we use a wooden or ceramic egg with a flat bottom base.

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[tab title=”Branding Options”]Personalize these Eggs to feature names, businesses, website addresses or company logos.[/tab]

[tab title=”Embellishments”]Embellishment are items that augment a particular theme or style. These item may include but not limited to; seashells, leaves, amethyst, stone, bronze parts, wire, clockwork parts, gears, plastics, etc.[/tab]

[tab title=”Finishes”]Finishes can further enhance the aesthetic of the piece. The default finish is a bright copper. Custom finishes can include; polished, patina (aged or dark), blue/green patina, bright Nickel or Black Chrome[/tab]


Promaker.ca can also electroplate organic eggs (hard-boiled or blown).

If you like this, we can make you one or more…

For information on custom orders or quantity pricing, please email: promaker.ca@gmail.com