As an experiment, We decided to try our electroplating process on some technology. We purchased a 3-pack of 8GB swivel type USB Drives to see if we can develop an attractive Steampunk inspired casing.

I then took apart one of the swivel drives,  and proceeded to do some embellishments. Then I immersed the part in my experimental plating tank and waited for the results (Slideshow above). I reassembled the electronic component into the new electroformed casing. It fit together nicely. The final test was to see if the drive still functioned. There were no grounding issues, as the electronic component did not touch the newly formed metallic case. I then tested the USB  on my computer and it worked without issue. SUCCESS!!!

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I then created created two new designs, you can see the results below.

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If you like this, we can make you one or more…

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