We have been working with glass for some time here in Winnipeg and I began wondering if our craft could be applied to other mediums. Our work is kinda unique and I wondered what sort of item would have a broader appeal to people in general.

I was drinking coffee one morning, and I went damn! Coffee Mugs!!!

I drove to the store and looked at some mugs. I thought about the standard ceramic mug with handle, and realized that was a bit boring. So I looked for something a bit unique, and picked up a clear glass flanged coffee mug. I drove home and worked on my prototype. Here is what I came up with.

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I used a lot of masking to create the webbed effect. When copper is electroformed in this manner it begins to form soft rounded dendrites which add to the texture. My partner suggested we apply a patina between the edges to contrast the shiny copper. For the custom branding, I used decals to give a raised look. It was a tedious process that took approx 20 hours to complete.

I designed this mug with a friend in mind who happens to work for a national non-profit organization. I gave her the mug as a suggested promotional item for the organization. She absolutely loved it.

A few weeks later, she contacted me and told me that she raffled it off at an event. She said that everyone who looked at it wanted to buy it. This was very encouraging.

She ordered eight more mugs.

I told my brother Greg, who is in charge of production, that we got an order from a non-profit organization to make personalized coffee mugs as promotional items. We were quite excited. After a bit of discussion, he came up with the name plate, instead of using decals. It was suggested we use the website address for the personalization. Greg came up with two designs, four mugs with base bright copper design (featured on our portfolio page), and four mugs with a  dark patina antique look (below). All mugs feature the organizations website stamped in copper, with a dark patina inside the lettering.

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If you like this, we can make you one or more…

For information on custom orders or quantity pricing, please email: promaker.ca@gmail.com